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Galvanized steel plate in coil 28 gauge galvanized corrugated steel roofing sheet


Galvanized steel sheet refers to a metal substrate that is galvanized on both sides of a cold-rolled steel sheet, which can be directly made into paint buckets or other metal containers, and can also be used for decorative panels. The galvanized sheet is plated with colored paint to become the colored zinc sheet. The wall decoration generally uses galvanized iron sheet above 183g/m2, while the roof decoration generally uses galvanized iron sheet above 244g/m2. In addition, there is a thin steel sheet without any other metal-coated cloth, the size is similar to that of the tin-plated steel sheet, and its basic properties are the characteristics of the steel substrate of the tin-plated steel sheet. In the production of iron printing, this type of sheet is suitable for miscellaneous can bodies, lids, thermos bottle shells, and signage products covered with paint on both sides, and is also often used as a substrate for coated iron.


Corrugated steel plates are generally classified in various ways according to the application site, corrugation height, lap structure and material.
Common classification methods are as follows:
(1) According to the application part, it is divided into roof panel, wall panel, floor deck and ceiling panel. In use, the color steel plate is also used as a wall decoration board, and the architectural decoration effect is relatively novel and unique.
(2) According to the wave height classification, it is divided into high wave plate (wave height ≥ 70mm), medium wave plate and low wave plate (wave height < 30mm)
(3) Classification by substrate material - divided into hot-dip galvanized substrate, hot-dip galvanized aluminum substrate, and hot-dip galvanized aluminum substrate.
(4) According to the board seam structure, it is divided into lap joint, undercut and withhold structure. Among them, the medium and high wave boards with undercut and curling should be used as roof panels with high waterproof requirements: lapped medium and high wave galvanized sheets are used as floor coverings; lapped low wave boards are used as wall panels.

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