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Factory Direct Hr SAE1006/A36/Ss400/Q235 Pickling steel sheet Mild Ms Pickled Oiled Carbon Steel Plate


Pickling steel plate
Pickling plate (Pickling plate, pickled steel board) is made of high-quality hot-rolled sheet as raw material, after pickling unit to remove oxide layer, trimming, finishing, surface quality and use requirements (mainly cold-formed or stamping performance) The intermediate product between hot-rolled sheet and cold-rolled sheet is an ideal substitute for some hot-rolled sheet and cold-rolled sheet.

Compared with hot-rolled sheet, the main advantages of pickling sheet are:
1) The surface quality is good, because the hot-rolled pickling sheet removes the surface iron oxide scale, improves the surface quality of the steel, and is convenient for welding, oiling and painting.
2) The dimensional accuracy is high. After flattening, the plate shape can be changed to a certain extent, thereby reducing the deviation of unevenness.
3) Improve the surface finish and enhance the appearance effect.
4) It can reduce the environmental pollution caused by users' dispersed pickling.

Compared with cold-rolled sheet, the advantage of pickling sheet is that it can effectively reduce the purchase cost of users under the premise of ensuring the surface quality and use requirements. Many enterprises put forward higher and higher requirements for high performance and low cost of steel. With the continuous advancement of steel rolling technology, the performance of hot-rolled sheet is approaching that of cold-rolled sheet, so that "replacing cooling with heat" can be technically realized. It can be said that pickling sheet is a product with a relatively high performance-price ratio between cold-rolled sheet and hot-rolled sheet, and has a good market development prospect. The use of pickling boards in various industries in my country has just started. The production of professional pickling boards began in September 2001 when the pickling production line of Baosteel was put into operation.

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